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Believe // Vinnie Valentino

Solitary Heart // Vinnie Valentino


Photo by Cameron Paris | Firebolt Media Co.


            Singer // Songwriter // Musician, Vinnie Valentino was born and raised in the "Biggest Little City in the World" Reno, Nevada. And has been an Entertainer and Recording Artist for over 25 years... With a wide variety of musical influences, Valentino's musical style is rooted in many genres; including Country, Americana, Folk, Pop, and Rock, just to name a few. Today, he refers to his music as Pop-Country.

            Starting at 10 years old, Valentino began singing under the direction of classical/opera vocal coach Toni DeSalvo and he has been in many bands, including CINEMA, X-FOLD, TRICK NELSON & FIRE ON THE MOUNTAIN, and most recently TWENTY4SEVEN. Valentino has written and recorded over Forty songs... Twenty Six of these compositions are part of the 4 Studio Albums released by his former band TWENTY4SEVEN. Many of which were showcased on the Reno radio station "Pure Rock 104.5."
            Vinnie Valentino is now embarking on a Solo Career of Acoustic-Based Originals and Cover Songs... He is currently in the studio recording his Debut Album titled {RADIO~ACOUSTICA.} In February of 2020, Valentino released the first single on the album called "Solitary Heart." In his songwriting, Valentino creates an intimate style of music that touches the passions, struggles, and beauty of everyday life.
           Valentino is, and always will be inspired by his uncle Ric Marlow, who was a Grammy Award Winning Songwriter, and Mentor to him.

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